Free Video Poker: Free Casino Strategy Trainer Machines

Free Video poker machines are just as popular these days as the real game itself – reason? Because it’s the best tool to learn the game and move onto the real big stake tables, tournaments and action! The Poker game in video format plays like common slot games with poker as the main functioning ‘game’. It’s everyone’s starter pack to becoming a pro and they are online, for free, right now.

Casinos online may rue the fact that we can learn more about the game with free practise but there has to be order and balance against the houses edge. So if you’re a fan of slots and have in interest to evolve your game this is the perfect transition.

Our guide will discuss the core dynamics of video poker machines, the history and some of the myths which surround the game and then why you should be giving free video poker a go. So before you go wild and dish out the cards on the table lets us tell you about the bonuses of video poker and some of the games like free video poker Jacks or Better and free Deuces Wild video poker and remember here all video poker games free, no download needed!

Learn new strategies and winning routines with free video poker trainer. This is our guide for you to enjoy!

Welcome to our website which is dedicated to the exciting world of online Video Poker! On our award winning site, you can find all the insider knowledge concerning this extremely popular online casino game. We will cover all the rules of the game and all the applicable strategies as well as general information such as the types of players that play this exciting online game and how it translates when adapted for online tournament style play. Once you finish here it's worth going to and learning more about video poker, we found this site to be extremely helpful.

We often get a lot of questions surrounding online Video Poker so we’ve put together detailed guides to help you get to grips with the intricacies of the game itself, a bit like they did on We want to arm you with all the know-how and tips to enable you to raise your game to the next level. We’re completely convinced that you will find all the answers you’re looking for right here, without the need to use multiple resources or out of date websites and bogus online guides. All our articles are written with a deep understanding of the game and its strategies by players who have spent the majority of their online casino sessions playing this game to its fullest, testing all these strategies under real conditions and adapting them to different variants of online Video Poker.

If you want to learn all the subtleties of the game and maybe also make some cash money along the way, then you’ve landed in exactly the right place! One thing we ask for in return is that you study these guides in detail and understand them to the best of your ability because with online Video Poker most of the hard work you face as a player is in the research and preparation for your own game sessions in your online casino. The reason we say this is because there are so many different types of online Video Poker out there that in order to maximise your chances of winning you must be prepared to learn all the differences between them or at least the few types you consider playing in the long run.

The history of online video poker: Master the art of winning with your free video poker games online today

Around the late 70’s we were just getting used to the idea that a computer could be integrated into our daily lives to perform certain tasks. These included type writing and calculations mainly but also it paved the way for recreational computer gaming. Also at this time, a very influential slot machine manufacturer was trying to come up with a new game type to introduce to prospective buyers at land based casinos and the idea of an electronic version of poker was pitched to them but with very little success. The man in question, Mr Si Redd, took the patent (much to the disappointment of foolish company executives who later realized their huge error) and pitched it to another company based in Reno, and they agreed to manufacture the electronic poker games for Mr Redd. By the early 1980’s the game had taken the world by storm and was the most popular game in land based casinos.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and video poker made the relatively simple transition from land based to online casinos and another smash hit was born, online Video Poker. Nowadays there are thousands of online Video Poker variants available to online casino players, all with their own distinct rules, pay tables and the ability through modern technology to be linked to one another to provide tournament game play and networked jackpot systems. One man’s simple vision paved the way for the birth of one of the most popular and exciting games found at land based and online casinos still to this day.

What are the urban myths surrounding online video poker? Break the hoodoo with free video poker machines

In the same way as traditional poker and blackjack are steeped in rich history and crazy associated game legends, online Video Poker is no different from all the others. There are so many urban myths surrounding this game that it would probably take a team of ace detectives 50 years to get to the bottom of all of them. With that said there are already some which have been debunked for a very long time. These include the Royal Flush hitting on every 40,000 hands dealt, 100% payout percentage guaranteeing a string of wins and whether or not the games themselves have high and low points built in. These are all false of course, as variance and probability have a huge part to play when it comes to any game of chance so none of these hold much water in today’s online games. So the next time you hear someone complaining that the person who came after them stole their royal flush, just let them know that the hands are shuffled constantly even when the game isn’t being played, so they never stood a chance of winning unless by chance they played the same deck as the next guy received, which would be extremely super rare if not totally impossible.

Why should you play free video poker at an online casino instead of other casino games they might have?

This is a question we get asked a lot and it’s quite a simple one for us to answer in all honesty. With all the different online casino games available, there are a multitude of reasons why you should play online Video Poker over all the others that are available but the main reason is because online Video Poker has the lowest house edge out of all the games you can find in an online Casino. You can actually find variants of online Video Poker that have payout percentages of well over 100% just by comparing the payout tables from each game. This for us is the main reason why you should be playing online Video Poker over other games found at an online casino.

And that’s it, our guide is complete, and your lesson is now over, you’ve read the story of the game from Las Vegas strip to online gambling sites. You’ve read the benefits of playing free software based games, now it’s time to see it and experience the game first hand, no cards here, just a button is needed and no need to get a video poker app. Do view the free game below and head straight to the casinos to win real money once you have mastered the game of free online video poker.

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